Tap The Top!

Introducing NorCal Nitro Coffee in the can! Our carefully hand-crafted NorCal Nitro Coffee begins life in our Diedrich bean roaster and undergoes our signature intense cold-brew method and nitrogen infusion.

Every can of NorCal Nitro Coffee is done with the passion and attention that we pride our coffee company upon.

Let it Flow!

The richness and low-acidity of NorCal Nitro is a game-changer! Our company makes certain each can of our nitro coffee is as fresh as coming from the cold-brewed tap!  With twice the caffeine and three times of taste of premium morning brew, you’ll become a believer!

Take the time to pick up a can or two and experience this new Era in coffee!


Cold-Pressed Nitro Coffee

Nitro Coffee is a remarkable new innovation in the American coffee market. Slow, cold-brewed Nitro Coffee is infused with nitrogen gas and released through a pressurized valve. As high pressure forces the cold brew through the tap and into the glass, it creates a creamy, stout-like effect, just like a stout beer is served at a local pub. The cold-pressed coffee takes on a creamy, cascading coffee taste that is rich and powerful.


Brooklyn Bagel Works, Chico
Upper Crust Bakery, Chico, CA
Chico Natural Foods, Chico, CA
S&S Produce, Chico, CA
Klean Kanteen, Chico, CA
SunSystems Technology, Rancho Cordova, CA
Juice & Java, Paradise, CA
Custom Made Crossfit, Paradise, CA

Who We Are

We are a small-batch roaster located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, in a quaint little town called Paradise, California.  Our company has been roasting our coffees for the past 20 years, and roasting exclusively organic beans for the past five.  We’ve found that going organic is not only good for the environment, but also produces coffee beans with clearly superior taste.  We know and deliver a great coffee product, and we’re very proud to produce and serve NorCal Nitro.

Easy Delivery, Easy Setup

NorCal Nitro will make delivery and setup of our Nitro Coffee a simple, hassle-free experience.  As business owners, we understand service and the importance of product being delivered in an efficient and timely manner. We also understand the complexities of the industry, and we’ve upheld a high standard that has become our tradition. Cultivating strong relationships is the most important thing in our business–and our lives.

How Long Does NorCal Nitro Coffee Last In The Keg?

NitroCal Nitro will last 4 weeks within its sealed nitrogen tank as long as it is refrigerated.

Where Do I Get The Nitrogen For My System?

Nitrogen is easily attained at any welding shop.  We will assist you in finding one that meets your needs and easily help you set up your system.

I Have Never Run A Keg System? Can You Help?

Setting up of the dispensing system and nitrogen for our Nitro Coffee is one of the services we eagerly perform at NorCal Nitro.  We’ll teach how to be an expert in no time.

What Are The Margins?

We have found an average of a 60% positive margin in every wholesale account.  You will find that Nitro Coffee has both excellent business value and broad market appeal.

How Can I Try A Nitro System?

NorCal Nitro will set up a zero-obligation demonstration at your convenience.  We will bring everything you need to set up your own system and instruct you how to proceed if you are interested in working with us.  You’ll also get to taste the incredible Nitro Coffee!

Where Are You Delivering To?

We are limiting deliveries to Northern California at this time.