What Is Nitro Coffee?

Nitro Coffee is a remarkable new innovation in the American coffee market. Just like the successful trend of coffee creations like Iced Lattes and Frappucinos, it is a style of coffee served cold, yet as a process and a finished product it is very much different. Slow, cold-brewed Nitro Cofffee is infused with nitrogen gas and released through a pressurized valve. As high pressure forces the cold brew through the tap and into the glass, it creates a creamy, stout-like effect, just like a stout beer at a local pub.

A Rich And Powerful Taste

The cold-pressed coffee takes on a creamy, cascading coffee taste that is rich and powerful. Unlike Co2, nitrogen doesn’t change the consistency of the coffee but instead helps to craft a cold-pressed beverage with a superior mouth-feel and a smooth, rich character. The coffee takes on a remarkable layer of depth and smoothness that is clearly superior to the hot brewing methods that produce a great deal of acidity and cannot match the pure organic taste that cold-pressing distills.

Have It Your Way

Much like regular coffee, the way people choose to drink Nitro is up to them. Straight up, over ice, with combinations of dairy, spice, and sweet syrup in the mix. With a truly unique presentation, Nitro Coffee creates a new menu of favorite coffee combinations and offers great creative flexibility to consumers and business owners alike.

"Strong Demand"

When we first got into Nitro coffee, we were taken aback by the smoothness and complexity of the product. We perfected our cold-pressing process and presented it to our own customers. Once they tried it, the results were remarkable–they absolutely loved the coffee! Since then demand has been amazing, and the margins have been excellent.